Catch up pics - Maupihaa

Sun 21 Sep 2014 00:50
Well, we told you it was a special place, now here's the proof! 
(See the "Somewhere different" blog entry for the text to go with these pictures.)

Thousands of terns over their nest site on the reef. All the white dots are terns sitting. Their chatter filled the air...

The family home on the beach and the family car. It only has to go three miles and back, to the family's allotted copra patch, so who needs lights? And as the petrol tank on the bonnet is on the passenger side it's not an inconvenience...

Pot luck inside one rainy evening and Hio and Huwaiti boil the lobsters in preparation. All of the crews from the 8 boats  anchored in the lagoon came for the feast, the kids ate at a separate table.

Coconut crab (before he's cooked) and lobster (after he'd cooked) Hio catches lobster on the reef, just spotting feelers under rocks and pulling them out, but coconut crabs are on land, under rocks and in holes.

Turtle tracks in the sand and a nesting Boobie with her white chick.

Yachties gather on the beach for a barbecue and the girls arrive.

Coconut crab, reef fish and lobster for dinner on the beach.

Me playing with boat kids whilst Phil cooks.

Hermit crabs to use as bait for fishing and Phil catching coconut crabs.

Off for a walk on the beach.

and finally:

Et Voila coming through the notorious pass behind us when we left. It's not a big pass!

With thanks to Et Voila and Chara for some of these pics.