Servicing Sadie

Fri 18 Apr 2014 23:54
08:48.2S 125:32.9W

Sadie, the wind self steerer, has been helms woman for over 2,000 miles non stop so it's not surprising that she needed servicing. We let Otto (the electric auto helm) take a turn at steering then disconnected her from the wheel, lifted her blade out of the water, and removed her wind vane. Next Phil launched himself over the side to reach down to her innards, refusing to put on the harness I'd helpfully supplied for him. I contemplated holding on to his feet, but figured I'd be unable to hold his weight if he did slip down anyway so left him to his fate (I did tell him to put on the harness!). Happily Phil was able to reach the part that needed the work without having to dangle by his toes and quickly the job was done. He tied a new knot; the old one was fraying a little. That was it. 2000 miles none stop and all she needs is a new knot, not terribly demanding wouldn't you say? All that with no electricity, no oil, not even WD40. Just a bucket of hot fresh water to wash off the salt when we get to anchor. I tell you, if any of you are planning to sail more than a day trip, get yourselves a wind self steerer now!

Seeing that it's Good Friday we put the fishing line out, the wind and sea had dropped and we were going a good fishing speed, between 5 1/2 and 6 1/2 knots. Sure enough we hooked a big one and after 3/4 hr of valiant battle Phil pulled a 28 lb blue fin tuna aboard - very beautiful in silver and blue. Good job the freezer's working!


Day 15: Eggy bread and ketchup (4 eggs left now...); meat loaf (it's the start of mince week!) with mushroom sauce, mashed sweet potato, green beans (tinned) followed by cherry pie and cream(canned cherries, long life cream); Fried plantain and more pie!

Day 16(Good Friday: fish day!): granola, pears (canned. In fact you can assume that all fruit and green vegetables are tinned from now onwards),yoghurt; sushi followed unusually by mandarin oranges in orange jelly (now, doesn't that take you back?); cerviche on crisp bread, more cherry pie.

I planted some seeds for lettuce leaves and pea shoots a few days before we left, with dismal results. The lettuce didn't germinate at all and only one pea sprouted, grew to 2 inches, then promptly withered and died. I was very careful, watering them every other day, checking the soil remained moist, I have no idea why they didn't sprout. So, figuring it should be fool proof, I tried to grow cress, on kitchen towel, you know, just keeping the kitchen towel wet. I started 5 days ago. They've not even started to sprout yet. What can I be doing wrong?! Anyone can grow cress!

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