Pangkor Island

Thu 30 Mar 2017 09:40
04:11.271N 100:33.155E

The houses of a fishing village on Pangkor Island, dwarfed by the scattered rocks beside them.

It was after dark before we arrived between Pangkor Island and it’s little brother, Pangkor Laut. It had been a long day, 95 nm since we’d lifted the anchor in the dark of 3:45am. Both of us had been kept busy, one helming the other acting as spotter for the frequent fishing nets which run a surprisingly long way from the fishing boats. Happily we discovered that if we went right in the middle between two floats we could pass above the nets without fouling them. 

All the way up the Malaysian coast we had been intrigued by the sight of flocks of delicate fast moving terns, so fine that the flocks looked like wisps of smoke against the sky. Up close to the coast I was able to snap a few pictures of them, such pretty little birds.

Black-Naped Terns.

We anchored just off Pangkor Laut Resort, a very smart affair, one of the first to have bungalows over the water, a style that has been followed from Tahiti to the Seychelles. 

Pangkor Laut Resort.

We didn’t get a chance to enjoy the setting though as we were due to lift out next day in Pangkor Marina, built about 5 years ago on a reclaimed land island between Pangkor Island and the mainland. By 9am we had the anchor up and were back under way. Oh well, that lie in, leisurely breakfast and a swim I'd been looking forwards to would have to wait!

Rounding the SE corner of Pangkor Island, Marina Island is the buildings and line of trees on the right.