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Tue 9 Aug 2016 05:21
22:11.7S 153:07.84E

Its been a long time since we've done anything more than a few nights hop up the coast and it feels good to have Lochmarin's bow pointed away from land and out to the next adventure.

The only pilot guide we have for where we're going was written in 1970 and speaks of worryingly fast currents and numerous shoals. When you zoom in on our chart plotter it describes "palm trees","Steamship Wharf", and "Native toilets" as conspicuous landmarks for the island we're heading to. So it does indeed feel like an adventure; even more than usual we're not sure quite what we'll find when we arrive. However, we are confident that, although there will be challenges, there will be delights in store: beautiful landscapes, intriguing wildlife and friendly people. People, just like everywhere else in the world, who want a good life and a better one for their children; who are proud of their home and glad to share it with visitors; who are curious about other cultures and ways of living, just as we are. It will be a privilege to meet them.

Passage Food:
Day 1- Lunch: Nothing. Too excited, but then an emergency sausage sandwich to keep Jon going. Supper: Breadcrumbed chicken and salad sandwich.
Day 2- Breakfast: Croissant. Lunch: corn and bacon soup. Supper: quiche, new potatoes and salad.

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