Between the islands of Huahine

Thu 7 Aug 2014 19:35
16:45.75S 151:01.92W

Lochmarin all on her own-some.

Having popped back up to Fare for some provisions and to access internet, on the way back down we spent the night in the bay between the islands of Huahine, Spinner dolphins keeping us company for a while en route.

Having spent weeks with the constant sound of the surf on the reef in our ears the quiet and solitude in the bay was delightful. We could have been on the hard, the boat was so still overnight and come the morning the chatter of bird song filled the air from the forests all around.

Morning light on the mountains

In the early light we took the dinghy to explore along the channel; I'd gone the opposite way round on Courage's motorbike but things looked different from the water.

Looking South at Hiahine Iti, the channel goes around the promontory on the left.

The (only) bridge joining the Iwo islands.

It wasn't just us that enjoyed the peacefulness of the bays between the islands: we saw a big turtle just the other side of the bridge. The sun had risen by the time we returned, bringing colour back into the world.

A small holding alongside the channel.

We really enjoyed a change of scene for the night but we wanted to return South to the clear snorkelling waters of Avea Bay: we had a date to keep in a couple of days - the local restaurant were cooking Sunday lunch in the traditional Polynesian way: using hot rocks inside a pit in the sand - not to be missed!

Leaving the bay, the reef breaking on the horizon.