Knockers and doorways

Sat 11 Jan 2014 22:30
All around the old town beautiful architecture caught my eye. In particular the doorways, often a very modest house would have a huge reinforced doorway, frequently with a cutaway person size door fitted into it. Sometimes these would be open, giving tantalising glimpses of cool hallways leading to courtyards...



On many of the doors ornate knockers were fitted, creatures mostly: lions, fish, lizards, even an owl..




All these wonderful doorways, I wanted to lift the knockers and see what was inside, or push through the half open door and explore. Behind them were the quiet or the music of people's homes, insides of churches, sometimes hotels and offices. Outside, where I stood, was the flow and the sounds of the street: vendors, business folk, holiday makers, traffic.. and, of course, the street dogs.