Catch up pics: South Fakarava

Thu 12 Jun 2014 18:47
Looking at the entrance to the South pass, rough in the middle of the channel, then smooth pools where the water upwells.

Looking over the side of Lochmarin... on the left is a Grey Reef Shark, on the right a Black Tip. The grey patches on the bottom are coral heads.

Not ideal... our anchor chain going around the coral heads (plus shark swimming over it!).

See why we were nervous to go in?!

The view from the foredeck, one of the breaks through the motus.

'Hotel' rooms next to the village. The walls are made of plaited palm leaves.

Super eco - solar panel bank on the right and rain water collection from the roof - the water tank is in the middle of the palms.

Amazingly clear water at the dock. These snappers were there in their thousands...

Fixing the mooring as the sharks swim by...

One doesn't need an underwater camera with water this clear, this was taken from above the surface - see the amazing orange flaps on the side of his tail, and the streamers on the end of it?

Next catch up pics will be underwater ones!