Catch up pics - Rio Diablo

Mon 10 Feb 2014 20:54
At anchor with Akuanusatupu behind.

We anchored in the afternoon and went on shore to explore as soon as we arrived. Akuanusatupu is joined to Yandup by a bridge and the two islands are very modernised, with a lot of concrete buildings as well as the traditional huts.

Yandup seen from the bridge and a lovely big ulu (the bridge is in the top right hand corner of the second pic).

That evening we investigated the mangroves by dinghy and watched the herons settling for the night. The mangroves grow in little islands with channels and open spaces between them, fun to explore.
Who's the King of the Castle?

Next morning, just as the sun got up, we negotiated the bar at the entrance to Rio Diablo and made our way up.

Early morning water run, going about 2 miles upstream, and an ulu stopped at a Kuna plot growing banana and coconuts.

Inhabitants looking for breakfast. 

Red crested wood peckers - sorry the best shots we could get!

Big squirrels in palm trees eating coconuts!

A returning water run, now the containers are full the ulu's rather low in the water!

Morning light reflecting on the still water.

Which looks rather good side ways, I thought. How many faces can you see?