Punta Papagayo

Tue 4 Dec 2012 16:30
28:50.93N 13:47.58W

Finally set sail again! :-)

As we left the marina our spirits lifted. We grinned as we felt the boat alive again under our feet, tripping a little, here and there, it's been a month with no sailing after all, but loving the smooth motion and the spray on the deck.

We raised sail and turned off the engine as soon as we were clear, then, as soon as mooring lines and fenders were stowed away, just stood or sat, watching the coast slide by, enjoying the whole body experience, sun on our faces.

We've not gone far, just around the point on the South of the island. We've anchored off a little beach, one of the ones we discovered when we'd hired a car, down a dirt track.

The familiar ritual of anchoring was a delight: dig in the anchor; snubber on; anchor ball up; mizzen down then sail covers on and finally wind turbine up (our tree toad) before sitting down with a cup of tea to check out the view.

Puerto Calero was a great marina: lovely people, beautiful views, shops and cafes on your doorstep. But it was a marina. Here we've no neighbours but the sea gulls.