Good progress

Sun 1 Jul 2012 10:03
46:16.25N 05:06.0W

The night went well, Sadie (the wind self steerer) steering for us, it was rather uncomfortable for a while but we have come over the edge of the continental shelf now, the depth dropping from 200m to 2000m in 15 miles, and the sea is a lot smoother. Rather strange to think of water for over 4Km under us... at least we don't have to watch out for pot buoys any longer! We didn't get ill, just don't fancy eating much.

Night watches were good, the moon to keep us company for most of the night, then plenty of stars. It's the last half hour that can be hard, when you're tired the time can seem to crawl. I rationed myself: "When that ship gets out of sight, then I can look at the time" otherwise you find your self looking far too often.

It's a beautiful morning, slight swell, blue sky with fluffy clouds, lighter winds so the jib is fully out and the main up now. Blue water sailing at it's best.

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