Sun 15 Jan 2017 02:26
08:43.086S 115:14.536E

Bali is delightful. I’m sure there are plenty of over-touristy areas but the village on the little island of Serangan that we are moored next to only has a few surfers to contend with and the welcome we received was open and genuine. The bay is full of working boats, with many phinisis having work done on them before the tourist season kicks off. It is also beautiful. 

Spike makes a friend and an offering on a boat - note the cigarette, I hadn’t realised the Gods smoke!

The Hindu shrines and temples scattered all over the place are just lovely and the Balinese houses with their intricate decoration are charming. One wanders down a narrow street, wide enough for mopeds, which they all ride from about 8 years of age, seeing glimpses of family shrines over the walls then, passing an ornate gateway, you can see in to a shared courtyard with fantastically decorated house fronts under porches. 

Every 100 yards or so there’s a warung to sit and have a coffee or juice or have a meal for a couple of pounds. Everyone wants to know where you are from, where you are going and where you are staying.

The whole checking out process took a week to do but in between being boat bound, whilst we waited for customs inspectors that never arrived, we were able to go on trips into town and hired a car to go and explore for a couple of days. As you drive around the main island scenes from Hindu tales are recreated in huge magnificence on roundabouts. Heading North the busy streets give way to winding lanes, climbing up incredibly green valleys where paddy fields are terraced like steps for the Gods.


We’re all done now. Our agent Ruth has been magnificent and we finally have an Export Permit and are all checked out. Phil has spent hours going from office to office: Navy, Customs, Harbour Master, Quarantine  and Immigration. So we’re off now, with 1000 miles of Indonesian waters to cross before we get to Puteri, Malaysia, just North of Singapore. Unfortunately the Monson has swapped over, the winds are from the North West and which way are we going? You guessed it, we are heading straight into the wind!

A bit of weather coming through….