Tue 21 Aug 2012 10:54
42:07.22N 08:50.37W

Yesterday the Northerlies still hadn't filled in, so we decided to drop the little way south to Baiona on the edge of the Ria in order to provision before we left for Lisbon.

We anchored in the bay, taking advantage of the chance to swim in the warm clear water, which we may not get again for a while as we'll be on passage and then in Lisbon. Baiona is another pleasant Spanish town, with modern areas but with those delightful narrow lanes between the stone buildings in the old parts. As you walk along there is bustle and hubbub all around you. The shops and cafes overflow into the street and you thread past people arguing good naturedly over something; a shopkeeper restocking, pushing a laden sack trolley; people sat at tables eating their lunch; others chattering over a beer; children running up and down, dodging the grown ups; a chef, all in his whites, coming out for five minutes for a smoke, blinking and sneezing at the sunlight; and underfoot those little Spanish doggies, complete with topknot and curls.

Before we left in the morning lots of fishing boats came into the bay, one of them drifted just a few feet from the boat belonging to some friends of ours, who were able to ask what they were fishing for and how they did it. "Squid!" was the answer and they had some little rubber fish baits, with little spikes on to hook the squid when they tried to catch the 'fish' swimming by. So Phil and Franz went off to find a fishing shop and returned with the little rubber baits which Phil tried out in the evening, and sure enough caught a lovely, translucent, squirmy, big eyed squid. And now we have to eat him.

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