Tue 10 Jul 2012 19:39
43:40.08N 07:35.64W

 The coastline was so pretty, the steep flooded river valleys cutting into the granite cliffs, topped with forests and fields, that we decided it was daft to sail by such lovely countryside and stopped to explore a little.

Turning in around the headland we saw the bay, edged with sandy beaches and dotted with little fishing boats that had been rowed out from the harbour.

The main harbour is for the fishing boats, further up the river beyond that comes the marina, right in the middle of the town.

It is a really lovely little town, with XII Century gates leading into a tiny streets, all interlinked leading to the main square and up to the church.

We arrived yesterday lunch time and explored the town, (and saw our first cats since arriving in Spain!) taking time out at the cafes and bars to watch the world go by. Then today we walked for about 4 hours up onto the headland, enjoying the pine and eucalyptus forests, full of wild flowers, and passing the little small holdings (with big stones stuck all along the ridge and sides of the roof). We walked out to where there were the remains of a transport system to load iron ore onto ships back in the 1800s, taking it 5km by cable car and then out into the bay to be shipped to England to make cannons!

After we got back Phil was treated to a haircut and beard trim in the cockpit, with a few interested locals taking an interest in the proceedings. We then went to re-provision at the local supermarket - a great range of local foods, and plenty of fresh local produce too. This little port is a superb place to stop, beautiful town, superb landscape, friendly people, and you're right in the town for provisions.