A slow start

Thu 6 Mar 2014 00:36
07:58.1N 78:54.85W

We've been watching the gribs for a few days. These are weather maps on which they draw little lines with tails, like arrow fletches, to show the direction and strength of the predicted winds. The ones for between here and the Galapagos look like pick-up-sticks thrown on the floor. They're in all directions, all in a muddle. So we decided to just go and take whatever wind, or lack of it, we get.

So far it's been lack of. We did have a little spurt when we reached 4 1/2 knots, but mostly it's been between 2 and 3 knots. Yes, I know, one could walk faster, but there are very few people who can walk on water, and actually, it's rather nice. The sea is very smooth and we just glide along, hardly causing a ripple, watching the world go by. Rays have been leaping 6 ft out of the water to entertain us, dolphins came to check us out but we didn't have a bow wave for them to ride so they went to try their luck with Common Crossing. There were lots of logs passing by for a time, with Blue Footed Boobies sat on them. Phil says they were having boat races.

Just after sunset the dolphins came back. At first you could see the grey shapes of them under the silvery water then, as the sky darkened and the moon started to shed it's light, they changed to black silhouettes gliding through the water, whistling their calls as they went, phosphorescence sparkling from their tails when they came up for air.

As the sun set the wind died with the light, what little remaining coming from all directions in turn - not great for sailing. It may be a long night but we have some great company out here.

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