Spike's day out

Sat 10 Nov 2012 14:24
Spike was lucky enough to enjoy a day out around Lanzarote with some friends of ours, Franz and Norma. Norma took some pictures so we'd remember what kind of a day Spike enjoyed.

Spike started the day in the National Park, fantastic lava fields stretching out between chains of volcanoes, he was relieved to find the scary volcano devil was only a carving:

and he was very excited to join the bus loads of tourists for a camel ride up a volcano.

He stopped at the Visitors's Centre to learn more about the volcanos, but instead of looking at the displays he became fixated by the camels he found in the souvenir shop; trying to ride those too! The first was a little too small:

But the second was just right!

Although he found the displays rather too wordy for his tastes he enjoyed flying to the top of the volcanic rocks

but found the cacti rather more challenging!

The next stop was the wine growing region and he was most impressed by the local vintage.

He joined in the wine tasting with much enthusiasm

in fact, perhaps with a little too much enthusiasm

and got a little the worse for wear

fortunately he was able to have some help getting back to the car

and had a snooze to recover, missing some superb scenery, as we drove to the very top of the Island where the Mirador del Rio gave him fantastic views over Graciosa

He had heard that the locals rarely wore clothes when they swam or sunbathed, in fact when fishing, both men and women had been known to stand naked in on the reefs... he decided to check this out for himself.

All in all, he had a splendid day out!