Off to see the Wizard...

Mon 23 Nov 2015 04:46
17:51.3S 167:48E

We tried to leave. Port Vila seems to have this hold on us! The solenoid arrived, 5pm on thursday, we got it back to the boat at about sundown, so Friday morning, straight after the radio net, we were getting it installed and working. Things are rarely straight forward on a boat: what we expected to take half an hour actually took us 'till lunch time so straight after lunch Phil shot off to the Customs for checkout - it was closed due to a power cut. We tried again on Saturday, and again on Sunday ( a cruise ship was in so we thought someone might be there) with no joy, but finally, this morning, we were able to check out, clear immigration and be on our way. Frustrating to lose three days of a good weather window but at least we had time to clean the hull and spend time with the lovely people we'd met on the moorings.

The sail's been great so far. Such a change from sailing into the wind! The wind and swell is on the port quarter and we roll a little as each wave passes under us but it's not uncomfortable or sick making. Winds are fresh - they've calmed to 18kts or so just now but were in the high 20s as we left. Lovely sailing.

So, we're off again, another long passage - it surprises me how cool we are about them now. If you'd said to us when we were back living in England "Change of plan, go sail 1000 miles to a new continent" we'd have been all of a flutter, but it's no sweat now, we just take it in our stride!


Lunch: chicken and green papaya soup.

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