South towards the Canaries

Thu 27 Sep 2012 15:46
36:48.42n 08:41.86w

Yay! We're back at sea again. Of course the boat rolls some when a swell comes in when you're at anchor, she still moves under you, but it's quite a different feel when you're at sea: rising to meet each wave, feeling the sails pull you through the water, she feels alive and at home.

We can still see Portugal behind us, but the depth gauge has given up again, the chart says it's about 400m deep under us, and the sea has gone back to being that blue, you know, the red-cabbage-when-you've-added-the-vinegar blue, when you look over the side.

We enjoyed the bird life on land and in the estuary (still frustrated by not identifying our pink breasted pair!); on our last walk we watched a pair of storks feeding and saw egrets, two sorts, one slim and elegant and the other seriously fluffy, but it was so lovely to be greeted by dolphins as we left the harbour and to watch the shearwaters and gannets circle us again.

Exciting: about 520nm to go to the Canaries, 5 days or so, out of sight of land but we'll be aware that we're going down past Gibraltar, Casablanca, Agadir...

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