Bequia - Friendship Bay

Mon 25 Feb 2013 00:48
12:59.33N 61:14.11W

It was a great sail around to the south of the Island, seeing the string of Islands that are the Grenadines appear before us, complete with palm trees. I kept hoping to see Johnny Depp leap out from the blue. 

We were lucky enough to see a couple of local Bequia boats, a schooner and one of the smaller whalers. The Islanders have traditionally caught whales and are still allowed to catch 4 a year, a time for whole village feasting and celebration when they get one. 


The men seek out vantage points on land to look out for them. 

Apart from local boats there were no others in the bay. We couldn't see any cars or hear anything except the sea. We dropped anchor and laid a stern kedge anchor too, to keep us facing the swell that creeps around the reef, then took the dinghy to shore. And it happened: we jumped off into bath water warm silky sea, pulled the dinghy up the white crushed coral beach, and I picked up a coconut off the sand, shook it to hear the water within and tossed it into the dinghy for later. We've arrived.