Bum's Bay

Fri 8 Apr 2016 03:41
The crowded anchorage at Bum’s Bay. There were so many masts, so close together, that I thought there was a marina over the sandbank.

We’d found the Australian’s playground. It seems to us that, given some leisure time, most Australians head to the water. They’re either surfing on it, diving in it, fishing it, buzzing over it, flying over it or having a barbie next to it. And most of them are on the Gold Coast. 

Bum’s Bay was alive from dawn to dusk with comings and goings. The two ramps in view had a constant stream of dinghies, tinnies and jets skis being launched or recovered. The jet skis, mostly traveling in packs, would then buzz and scream their way around the bay, kids clinging on behind mum and dad, doing the equivalent of wheelies and doughnuts at every opportunities - wet boy racers. Queenslanders even had ways of using the water that I’d never thought of like driving buses through it:

and walking around on jets of water 20 feet above it:

There were every kind of craft you could imagine:

and every size

for every purpose

but in amongst the pleasure craft, fishing boats and cruisers the true inhabitants of the bay were in evidence:

We disturbed this Osprey eating his lunch.

With so many ways of using the water going on around us it was hard to know where to look but my favourite had to be the Great Dane swim party being held on the beach: