Second attempt

Tue 17 Jan 2017 02:49
07:16.007S 114:40.216E

During the night the winds lessoned and the waves calmed. Out of the way of the big ships and in the lee of the islands we hove to and took turns to sleep. By morning the sea was glassy and we breakfasted whilst watching a fishing boat circle his nets.

According to the weather grib files it looks like the worse is past now so we're off again, into the wind and waves and current to go back over the ground we spent yesterday covering. Hopefully we won't have to turn around again!

Passage Food

Day 2 - supper: bacon and mushroom sandwich using freshly baked bread.

Day 3 - breakfast: mango and banana with cereal and yoghurt.

Just as a by-the-by food on board is very different from food when we were living in the U.K. Here a mango is not just a mango, it's one of the four Hannah and Diarmaid brought back from their cycling expedition. The bananas were from that lady who called and called in the market for us to visit her stall - and then charged too much. The oyster mushrooms were a rare find on another stall - treasure! The bacon was part of a special bulk buy deal that three boats put together with Molly in Lombok, introduced to us by an ex-pat. And the pineapple that's waiting to be eaten tomorrow, golden and sweet, perfectly ripe, was spotted on a roadside stall when we drove up into the mountains in a rented car.