Fatu Hiva - Catch up pics

Wed 30 Apr 2014 02:24
Ok, here's the view you've been waiting for, Hanavave, Fatu Hiva:

But that doesn't give you much of a sense of scale, as we're up close to these boats, so..

See the little white dots in the middle? Those are the same boats in the anchorage in the picture above and...

See the little cleft in the middle? Those are the rocks above the boats in the first picture. See why we were wowed?!

Here's the fruit we bartered for (excepting there were more bananas - we hung them on the back of the boat) and this pic was taken just by looking down over the side - see what I mean about the blue?

A Tiki to welcome us ashore.

Dancers getting ready to perform. You can see the winner performing (for 17 seconds) here:

Checking out the video on an ipad...

Walking back through the village to the anchorage

and safely at anchor as the sun goes down.