En route to Bali

Sun 20 Nov 2016 02:13
06:26.94s 120:49.0e

All's going well. We've had good wind to sail by, 10-15 knots, and in the right direction which is always a plus. It's a good job too as yesterday evening Otto (the Autohelm) had a hissy fit and so Sadie (the wind self steerer) had to take over and she much prefers steering when we're sailing rather than motoring.

We got the manuals out and figured out how to get Otto to settle down so he's all ready to take over again as needed, in the mean time Sadie's doing fine.

Herman the hernia's been making his presence felt but he hasn't stopped Phil from enjoying the local fauna. He spotted a whale coming up for breath, flipping it's tail then diving back into the deeps and some Red Footed Boobies set him giggling. They were completing their morning ablutions, sitting on the water and splashing themselves when one clearly decided he wasn't getting a good enough wash. He flung himself onto his back and flapped his wings to get washed with his bright red feet waving high in the air. Quite undignified but very refreshing I'm sure. This morning just after the sun came up we found ourselves in a cloud of hundreds of yellow and white butterflies fluttering by, some spiraling with each other, some taking a break on various bits of Lochmarin, all looking magical.

We still see the occasional Strange Thing but they are much less often now and the fishermen kindly put on flashing white lights when they see us approaching so this last 24hrs has been less like riding dodgems and more like proper sailing again.

Passage Food

Day 1 - Breakfast: poached egg and bacon on toast, watermelon and lemon smoothie. Actually, not lemon, but they call them lemons, they look like small mandarins but are green with orange flesh inside. They taste sharp but it's definitely an orangy sharp not a lemony sharp. Lunch: chickpea, pumpkin, sweet potato and spinach curry with rice and mango chutney. Supper: boat made caramelised onion humus with crackers, followed by raspberry trifle, but made with yoghurt not custard.

Day 2: Breakfast: cereal with fresh mango.

This passage cans of food count: 1

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