En route to Tahiti

Sun 8 Jun 2014 19:03
17:04.2S 147:33.3W

It was difficult to drag ourselves away from Fakarava, the magic of getting up each morning to watch the sharks glide under us hadn't had a chance to pale. But Tahiti beckons, the jewel of the Pacific, the island so many people have fallen in love with. And we have a date to keep: my Mum is flying out from New Zealand to Tahiti to stay with us a while, so I left with a happy heart, looking forwards to exploring with her, and to giggling together over our attempts at Franglais (hers much better than mine!).

As we left we bid other cruisers goodbye, saying "See you in Tahiti". How cool is that? I wanted to pinch myself to check we weren't dreaming. We are finally a day away from Tahiti, that distant, exotic, far away place. When we were getting ready to leave in Dorset we bought this laptop, a windows machine, to load 'boat' software on like this radio email, Open CPN navigation, grib weather file readers and so on. Phil decided on 'Tahiti' as the perfect password - representing the fruition of all those years of dreaming of a trip like ours.

And now we're nearly there. We'd better change the password. What do you think? "Dorset"?

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