Arrived at Hanavave, Fatu Hiva

Fri 25 Apr 2014 03:03
10:27.89S 138:40.14W

Goodness. They said it was beautiful but I thought "How different can one volcanic mountainous island be?". I mean, we've seen Dominica and Grenada...

I said it looks like Narnia, and Phil said it looks like the place they got King Kong from... so try and picture a sort of cross between the two. I'm not going to try to describe it beyond that, wait 'till we get internet and I'll put pictures up - you can see if your imagination matched the reality.

It's a very deep anchorage, but with the help of some of the cruisers here already (7 sailing boats were here) we found a spot and are dug in well with loads of scope because strong winds gust down from the mountains every now and again. As soon as we were safely settled, out came the celebratory beer. Whilst we drank it folk from two of the boats brought their dinghies over to say hi, the first to tell us there's local dancing on this evening and we're invited, the second to give us some bananas! Fresh fruit! Yay!

And now we're sitting here looking around us, going "Cor!" and feeling bone weary. You don't realise quite how tired you are 'till you stop. Still, we can sleep tonight!


Day 21: granola, pears and yoghurt; Chickpea, pumpkin, plantain and coconut curry with rice; prawns in marie rose sauce on lettuce and tomato, with flat bread strips.

Last breakfast of the passage: fried plantain with yoghurt, muesli bread toast with marmalade.

So that's it. Yesterday's lettuce was the last of the ice burg, we have onions, squash, potatoes, red cabbage and hot red peppers left of the fresh food, which is good because we'll not find much on this island so it'll be a while before we can restock still. Only about 15 of the cress seeds sprouted and they've still not grown more than a few millimeters. Mung beans sprouted really well, but my lentils and adouki beans didn't. Of my herbs, the basil and thyme did fine, but the mint is just hanging on.

We didn't starve.

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