Prickly Bay, Grenada

Mon 13 May 2013 23:53
11:59.940N 61:45.618W

Aware that we needed to be in Trinidad in time for our 'Haul Out' we tore ourselves away from the turtles and headed back down to Grenada. We decided to try Prickly Bay this time, because it's easy to check out there. The sail down was again lovely but as we rounded the South West corner of Grenada we found the 'overfalls' marked on the chart weren't in jest. It got very lumpy until we were actually in the bay, where we found a very different Grenada to the one we'd discovered last time we were here. 

Prickly Bay seems to be an ex-pat haven; there are lots of superb homes with their own waterfronts surrounding the Bay. 

At the marina bar we met some lovely cruising folk, including an American couple on an Amel who had just finished their circumnavigation. But we also saw quite a lot of Brits who had settled in the country, unfortunately a couple of them had very bad manners. A local young man chose the quiz night at the marina to pop the question to his intended, up on the stage with a microphone, which was delightful. The Bad Brits called out discouraging remarks and generally took the mickey out of them - yet again I was ashamed of my fellow countrymen.

Overnight in the quiet bay we had a stowaway jump on board, right into the cockpit. He must have been very athletic because he got in right over the spray dodger and there were no waves to help him!

We only stayed two nights, then, leaving in the early evening in order to sail overnight and plan to arrive in the morning light, we headed off for Trinidad.