Another record in Coos Bay, Oregon

Fri 19 Aug 2016 20:38
All we had seen of Coos Bay since we arrived was fog. They commonly call August here ‘Fogust’. We again were waiting for a weather window to head north, but were waiting for some strong to gale force northerly winds to blow past. We were on a transient slip inside the bay and usually protected from any wind. However, on one particular night, I noticed Nimue started to behave like a ‘buckin bronco’ on the dock and lines were snatching and fenders squeaking. I went out to check and the wind was howling and the fenders were very, very low and I was concerned Nimue’s rubbing strake, would get caught under the dock if the wind and seas built any more. By this time, Michael was up and out we we tried to re-position the 9 fenders, which were already out. Within a few minutes, a fisherman appeared from the opposite dock and said he had not seen winds like this for over 10 years and thought it was blowing over 40knots. We confirmed later, the wind was blowing a constant 39 knots. He was very laid back and kindly offered to lend us his big orange ball fender, which we gladly accepted, as it kept Nimue off the dock. Other cruisers were up at the same time, checking their lines, but really there was nothing anyone could do but wait. ….which we did.

After 3 or so hours the winds started to abate and everything was back to normal when we woke up the following morning. The marina office; subsequently advised they had recorded the strongest winds on record coming into the marina at 39knots!

Why are we not surprised, as we’ve been hearing these types of comments for the last 8 years!

The main reason on this occasion and others say the same thing; is that El Nino is still playing a part in the unusual weather patterns in 2016.