Marina Hemingway in a Northerly

Thu 29 Dec 2011 02:52
We did experience several strong Northerlies and were happy that Nimue was safely tied up in her mooring.  As the marina channel faces to the North West, in the early stages of a northerly blow, large breaking seas run straight up the channel and entry is potentially dangerous.  When one particularly nasty Northerly came through, we took a rather bracing walk to the entrance to see for ourselves.  It was quite something, both a humbling and dramatic site to see, as the breakers swept across the entry channel with the buoys being forced over.  So glad we had planned to arrive when the wind was a calm light easterly!
The waves breaking at the entrance.
Sandy and Michael discussing how the Canadian boat had sank
The channel entrance buoys being blown over by the breaking seas
This is the leading mark /sea buoy; little chance of spotting this
Boats moored in the canal, just look at the palm trees.                                                                          The view from Nimue!