Deltaville, Va to Annapolis with friends on board

Thu 5 Jun 2014 13:17
Another winter and another re-fit.  With her new galley worktops, re-plumbing, re-wiring and new instrumentation, Nimue was yet again, shipshape, to make an escape from Deltaville, returning to the Chesapeake for a while, before a trip in the autumn, south to The Bahamas.

We had our first UK guests, Keith and Di on board as we departed Deltaville and none of us expected we would have to return to the dock in less an hour of departing.  It would appear the Maxprop hadn’t been installed to the correct specifications, but after an instant lift out on our return and the prop correctly tuned, we were soon back out in the channel and managed to get over the sandbar before the tide fell too low.

Sails up and alas, we encountered yet another problem; the main halyard snapped!  Despite not having a main, we had sufficient wind to sail under headsail  alone and headed across the Chesapeake to Crisfield, where we anchored for the night.  We only managed 15 nm on our first trip out, but cleared 30nm the following day with a sail up to the Solomons, where Sarah had kindly let us use her slip for the night.  The 48nm trip across the Chesapeake to St Michaels the following day, ended up being a fabulous downwind, pole out sail, with Di enjoying the view from Nimue’s bow.
A peaceful overnight anchorage, but with thunderstorms expected in the afternoon, we headed back across to Annapolis before they commenced.   A relaxing few days spent with Keith and Di in Annapolis before they caught their flight out.