Mon 16 Jan 2012 03:28
Cienfuegos is a city on the southern coast of Cuba and is located about 160 miles from Havana.  Cienfuegos, has a huge natural harbour and is one of the chief seaports of Cuba.   After the revolution the Soviets moored submarines here. To the southwest, construction of a nuclear power plant began in 1980, but with the fall of the Soviet empire, worked stopped in 1992.
The city was settled by French immigrants from Bordeaux and Louisiana and named Cienfuegos, sharing the name with Cienfuegos, a Captain General in this time, in the island. During the Cuban Revolution the city saw an uprising against Batista and was bombed, on September 5, 1957.  In 2005 UNESCO declared the historic centre a World Heritage site.

After first locating and checking in at our ‘casa particular’, which unusually had 3 double rooms, we took the car down to the local yacht club for lunch, which was the usual sandwich and beer.  We did a little shopping and sight-seeing, before we headed back to the feast our hostess was preparing for dinner!  In fact, the meals in the ‘casa’s’ was some of the best food we had whilst in Cuba!

Cienfuegos, ‘the pearl of the south’ and some of the classical scenes seen in the historic centre
On the northern side of the park is the Teatro Tomas Terry, built by the sons of a wealthy plantation owner of that name.
Another statue of Jose Marti.   The twin-towered Catedral de al Purisima Concepcion, it’s treasure is 12 windows, depicting Apostles in French stained glass.
Michael, with the Museo Historico in the background and there’s always something Che around the place!
Big plant pots in the promenade and one of the many blue telephone kiosks (although no phone in this one!)
Down by the water, a very rusty looking fishing boat, but a very smart looking Customs building
Breakfast in the ‘casa particular’ and a quick swing in the enclosed patio garden after breakfast


All of us with our hostess

We had to reverse the vehicle out of the ‘just fit’ garage.  Carefully does it and Sandy looks on approvingly!