1st Apr 2012 - Onto St. Augustine

Sun 1 Apr 2012 21:12
After a couple of days and having celebrated our 28th Wedding Anniversary, we made our way towards St Augustine. As we approached Cape Canaveral, the sight in front of us was not one we wanted to see. There was a very large thunderstorm (6 miles wide) approaching us and despite changing course, we still managed to catch the edge of it. This in turn, brought strong winds gusting 30/35 knots, which didn’t make it easy to round the Cape! After a night of reefed sails and bashing into 1.5 metre seas, the wind backed and after 180nm, we made our approach into St Augustine. We hadn’t previously attempted this inlet, as all the charts showed no buoyage and pilot books suggested it wasn’t an easy entrance, with breaking seas onto moving sandbars! In fact Kenny put us right on this and advised there is temporary buoyage, which is moved whenever silting occurs due to adverse weather conditions. As our entrance was made near high water, there was plenty of water and the buoyage was relatively easy to identify.   We waited for the Bridge of Lions to open at 1600hrs and the harbourmaster took us to municipal buoy No22.
DSC_4349 DSC_4358
This little visitor landed came to seek refuge on Nimue!
DSC_4366 DSC_4373
The storm shown on Radar and the aftermath of it, behind Nimue
Around Cape Canaveral at sunset
Nimue and Loon tucked up in the St. Augustine anchorage