27th Feb - 4th Mar 2013 Allen's Cay, The Exumas, Bahamas Part 2

Mon 4 Mar 2013 02:15
A dinghy ride across the entrance to South West Allen’s Cay brought us into a very pleasant curved bay, which would have been untenable in the recent blow we had just had.
We all took a walk to the other side of the Cay to see the one and only palm tree, which apparently had been planted 35 years ago!
Nimue is in the anchorage at the far top of this picture.   Merlin (our dinghy) all alone on the beach
A short walk across the island through shrubs and trees and came across....
....................... crops of volcanic rock
Back to Merlin and showing off our new 15 hp outboard engine (recently purchased in Nassau)
Alas – we found the very lonesome palm tree.......                                    but not much to hide under on yet another grey day!
Getting rid of trash is always one issue for cruisers.  Lucky (we had dinner with them at friend’s in Ft. Lauderdale) and Morning Star were also in the Allen’s Cay anchorage, so we invited them all aboard for cocktails.  Lucky has been to these islands for the last umpteen years and advised that he always burns his trash, so the next day everyone in the anchorage got together in a small cove to have a bonfire; so a good job done (don’t think this is recommended)!
On board Nimue for cocktails and appetisers and to discuss burning trash!
Lisa takes a ride to the ‘bonfire beach’                                          The crowd gathers, with beers ready
The fire quickly burns up all our trash                                              Followed by the dampening down process ....
Found him not too far from the warmth of the bonfire
Out of nowhere, the dark clouds appear, bringing a few squalls into the anchorage
............the strong winds had boats tugging on their anchors!
Having had enough of rolling around in the anchorage, we headed for our next destination; Warderwick Wells, where we had reserved a mooring ball.