4th -15th July 2013 - Boston Part 1 - Gloucester and Harleys

Mon 15 Jul 2013 02:59
Conditions were very hot and humid at this time of year, so once Nimue was settled onto her new mooring at Kenny’s Yacht Club, we gathered some of our belongings together as we had been invited to stay at Kenny’s house in Braintree, Boston!  As we had just had a lengthy voyage, we were too tired to celebrate 4th July, so after a couple of glasses of wine, it was an early night for us both!
Kenny wanted to show us the sights of Boston, but we had hinted we wanted to visit Gloucester, the town where “The Perfect Storm” was filmed.  We had intended to visit there by boat, but Kenny suggested a drive up the coast to Gloucester, would be more interesting.......and so it was!
In Gloucester, at a sailors monument
Here we all are.                                                         The names of the sailors that died during “The Perfect Storm”
A day back in Braintree and Michael was in seventh heaven.  Kenny had a Harley Davison and Michael couldn’t wait to have a go, although it was a heavy beast!
Kenny’s house in Braintree.
Kenny providing some advice..............dig the helmet......NOT!                        Well here we go...............
Not bad, as Michael carefully does it around the local streets.