11 May 2012 - Upper Class Virgins!

Fri 11 May 2012 00:30
Courtesy of our insurance company the same ‘black caddy’ and driver from Norfolk appeared at the boatyard to take us on the 4 hour drive to Dulles, Washington airport.  We were also accompanied by Elizabeth on Caduceus, who was also being flown home!
On arrival at Dulles airport we didn’t have to wait long for the wheelchairs to arrive for both Michael and Elizabeth.  After an expedited check-in, the handlers took charge and whisked both of them along the many corridors and elevators to the Virgin pre-departure lounge.  Of course, I was running along behind, trying not to laugh too much!  Again our insurance company did us proud and paid for upgrades to First Class (lie down beds). To be honest this made life a whole lot easier for me and ensured Michael was comfortable for the flight home. The jet stream was in our favour and we landed at Heathrow after a 6.5 hour flight.  The wheelchair experience in Heathrow wasn’t quite as slick, but nevertheless we were met by another chauffeur to drive us back to Leicester.
The arrival of the wheelchairs and the handlers racing through the corridors!
In the Virgin lounge enjoying a glass of champagne and lunch!
Roomy seats to lounge in by day.......
............and made up to a flat bed at night!  The steward was ensuring the duvet was on properly.  Night, night Elizabeth!
A trip to the GP and our local hospital confirmed the diagnosis and the newly nicknamed ‘Hippity Hop Hartshorn’ scheduled for hip replacement surgery!