11th Jan - 24th Feb 2013 - Florida - Part 2

Mon 25 Feb 2013 16:39
Windward Passage had taken a ‘slip’ (in the UK, we call it a ‘mooring’ or ‘berth’!) in Soverel Harbour marina, a few miles up the ICW from Lake Worth.  The USA has strict rules about safety gear to be carried in dinghies, so we always ensure we carry buoyance aids, a throwing line, a whistle and most of important of all, an all round white light!  So with everything loaded up on Merlin, we often made the 20-30 minute dinghy ride from Lake Worth to visit Kenny and Sarah and more importantly to eye up all the wonderful delights found in Carmines,  the exceptional on site deli! 
Looking at the Lake Worth anchorage from the ICW
On one occasion we were introduced to Joe Scott, who owned a sports fishing boat which he kept at Soverel  and he invited us all to join him on one of his regular fishing trips into the Atlantic.  We were delighted to accept his invitation and arranged to go out on my Birthday.  Anthony, set up the 4 outriggers and prepared the Ballyhoo bait and I was smiling like a ‘Cheshire Cat’ as the lines were lowered.................and we waited and waited!  Unfortunately, the water was above 70 degrees C, which apparently isn’t good news for catching fish.  There had to be something out there and after a good morning trolling up and down, we eventually caught one King Mackerel!
All aboard Joe’s fishing boat
Leaving Soverel Harbour Marina and the outriggers lowered as we go beneath the bridge
It even has one of those fishing seats.                                                      Speeding away from Palm Beach inlet
In the ‘hot’ seat                                                             Joe Scott
The ‘Ballyhoo’ bait fish and Anthony setting up the rods
Kenny at the helm and Anne ‘bottom’ fishing
Michael has a go too!


The King Mackerel; our only catch after 2 days fishing!
Bill off ‘Windward Passage’ heard the news that it was my Birthday and was keen that we all go out for a meal.  We had been recommended to go to The River House, which was a good choice. The food was stunning and I just couldn’t resist the yellow fin tuna steak, which was cooked to perfection – seared and pink in the middle ........thank you Bill!
The following day, we all decided to go out fishing again , but unfortunately, this time we didn’t catch a single thing.........  Having witnessed the last 2 days and all the hard work that went into trying to catch a fish, my own ability to catch fish from Nimue was revitalised (watch this space!) 


Anne’s Birthday meal at the The River House
Whilst in Palm Beach, we were invited for a meal at some friends’ of Emmett & Mecca (of Charleston) who we met in Charleston over Christmas.  As we arrived at  Ben & Blanca’s we were greeted by 2 German Shepherd dogs and were told specifically not to even look at them, as they were trained to attack unwanted guests!