Arrival in Santa Ponsa Majorca and the delights of Sant Elm - 4- 12 June 2009

Fri 12 Jun 2009 17:19

After a pretty non-eventful motor sail from Ibiza in which Anne managed to polish Nimue’s cockpit, we arrived 56nm later in Santa Ponsa, Majorca.  Before anchoring in the bay with Sula Mac, it was essential for us to take on water, so we dropped into Club Nautico marina to fill up.  The problem was the water station on the fuel pontoon wasn’t working, so we were advised to go onto the club reception pontoon instead.  When I collected the water connector from the office, I remained very calm as the nice lady told me that water was charged by boat length, so this meant we paid 20.36 euros for the privilege!  You can imagine we made the most of it, so we had showers, cleaned the boat and even managed to do some washing.  It was well worth the cost, especially when an overnight stop would have been nearly 90 euros!


Santa Ponsa bay was beautiful, but the town itself was not, as it was full of ‘English type’ bars and restaurants.  However, we did manage to get stocked up at the local Euroski supermarket and see Jenson Button win the Turkish GP.  Santa Ponsa bay is usually well protected, but the approach of a frontal system, meant that for 4 nights we had severe swell and both Nimue and Sula Mac were rolling around all over the place.   We even had one night, where Anne got up, slipped, and bashed her knee cap, but that’s par for the course!



Santa Ponsa Bay


After Sula Mac departed to head off East, we decided to head off West to the Dragonera Islands and we came across the most spectacular anchorage of Sant Elm.  Again apart from the first night, where we encountered some swell, Sant Elm was a delight.  The bay and the views of the Dragoneras were beautiful, the little town with it’s stoned paved high street was very attractive and it seemed to be where the Swiss holidayed.  It reminded me of a sunny Swiss ski resort, so a little bit upmarket.


View of 'The Dragon' in the Dragoneras


See below for many of the vistas seen from the anchorage and the small town






After the first night at anchor we decided it was probably more comfortable to move onto some permanent mooring buoys, which were located outside a very nice restaurant.  This mooring turned out to be a very interesting viewing point as during the day most of the other moorings were taken up by the flash motor yachts coming round from the nearby Port Andraitx and then going ashore by dinghy for lunch at the restaurant.   This was also the occasion where Michael saw the power boat of all power boats!! It was black and orange, so it’s name ‘Chilli Pepper’ was rather apt and when it started it’s engines they sounded like a Ferrari, Aston Martin and AC Cobra all put together.  It was a shame we couldn’t tape the sound, as even I thought it was awesome!!!



Chlli Pepper moored next to Nimue                                          Awesome....................look at dials on the dashboard!!!                                   


Couldn't resist having a meal at the restaurant overlooking Nimue in the bay


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