5th Mar - 8th Mar 2013 Warderick Wells, The Exumas, Bahamas Part 1

Fri 8 Mar 2013 02:35
From Allen’s Cay we were able to sail partway to Warderick Wells, but ended up motor sailing the rest of the 39nm.  In a determined effort to try and catch some fish, the trolling line was cast and ended up catching my first fish of the season – a small amberjack, which I “sushi’d” and handed out as an appetiser.
Preparing to leave, the now calm waters of the Allen’s Cay anchorage
Nimue departing Allen’s Cay and Lisa on Rising Star ensures their nice AB dinghy is securely tied!
No shouting on Narsilion, as Cherie calmly lifts up the anchor and Joe appears to be taking a very relaxed approach to it all!.
Look carefully at Joe’s ears and you can see “the Marriage Savers” (a two way communication system).  
Nimue sailing along beautifully and Michael putting away the kedge anchor used in Allen’s Cay
Amberjack caught en-route to Warderick Well and yes, I filleted it standing on the stern!
Warderick Wells is located within the Exuma Cay Land and Sea Park the first land and sea part in the world and covers 176 square miles.  It is a no-take zone by both land and sea – nothing living or dead, can be removed from the park, but more on this later.  The beautiful natural J shaped harbour serves as the North Mooring field and has 22 mooring balls.  During the cruising season they get very busy, so we reserved a mooring (aka buoy) No. 9.
Warderwick 1
Warderick Wells
Relaxing in Warderick Wells on Narsilion                                        
The North Mooring Field in Warderick Wells taken from Boo Boo Hill.  Nimue is anchored left in all the pictures. 
You can just see how shallow the water is and we were actually on one of the deep water mooring balls?
The Park Office/headquarters of the Exuma Land and Sea Park is located in Warderick Wells
Very close to our mooring was the hull of a sunken vessel, which is marked on the guide as a snorkel area, but with strong tidal currents and boat traffic.  Not high on our list, we decided instead, to snorkel a couple of the other recommended sights, but waited until slack water, so we didn’t have to fin too much!  The first ‘The Rangers Garden’, which is a coral reef and was stunning, more so when we noticed a number of large lobsters lurking beneath the rocks – alas they must just love living here, knowing they can’t be taken!  Never mind, so off to the next site “Judy’s Reef”, which is a small cay where we could see schools of fish along the cut.  Lisa also saw a shark, but luckily kept it quiet until she reached Val!   
Beautifully coloured fish.                                                        These lobsters ‘out in the open’ have no fear of being taken
A Lionfish                                                                          A rather large ‘sponge’
Took a short dinghy trip to a quiet cove in Warderick Wells and found a lovely conch shell and some sand dollars....but not allowed to take anything???
Next, a walk around the Park....................??