Arrival in Beaufort, N Carolina, USA - 28th May 2011

Sat 28 May 2011 23:05
It was a long night dodging thunderstorms, but during the early hours we eventually arrived at the Beaufort inlet fairway buoy.  As we waited for Scott Free and Loon to join us, we were joined by a few playful dolphins, which brought an immediate smile to our faces.


Arriving in USA waters


One of the many dolphins


Beaufort Inlet


Beaufort inlet fairway buoy

Although not planned, we happen to arrive in the USA on Memorial week-end; which marks the start of the summer holidays.  As a result, the harbour entrance was extremely busy, with all kinds of water craft milling around (a bit like the Hamble on a busy week-end). Dodging around them and encountering strong tides, was a but of a shock to the system especially after a lengthy crossing, but it was also a lovely welcome to the USA and we were most definitely on a high!   We followed Loon into Taylors Creek, a river about as wide as the Hamble, with holiday homes on one bank and grass on the other.  We were now in tidal waters, so found a suitable spot before dropping the anchor up tide.


Once through the inlet we ran quite close to the shore


Nimue anchored in Taylors Creek

As it was late afternoon, Kenny and Sarah from Loon suggested a nice little place in Beaufort to celebrate, which didn’t take too much persuasion!  That night, we slept like logs, but were woken the next morning by Kenny banging on the outside of Nimue.  He had arranged  a time for us and Scott Free to meet with one of the customs officials ashore, but first we needed to provide some details to one of the lady officials over the phone.  This all went very smoothly and then Kenny took us to the arranged meeting place in Beaufort at 1100hrs, where we were immediately invited to sit down by the lady official we had recently spoken to.  After a few more questions, she stamped our passport and issued us with a year’s US Cruising License and also gave us a big welcome to the USA.  Thanks to Kenny for making this a very slick and un-cumbersome process, but he did mention this was the easiest time he had encountered when entering the USA.


Ashore in the USA (Me, Sarah & Chris)


Steve, Kenny & Michael


Clearing US Customs

We spent a few days enjoying Beaufort, which is a smart town and beautiful looking houses.  Of course, we also managed to find interesting shops to look around and our main purchases were pilot books for transiting the Intercoastal Waterway (ICW).


Photos of Beaufort



Wondered where we were for a minute!



Wild horses on the riverbank near where Nimue was anchored!




In company with Scott Free, Loon and Moonbeam

Beaufort quickly returned to normality after the holiday week-end and Chris and I volunteered to walk in the heat to the nearest Supermarket a couple of miles away to re-provision for our journey up the Intercoastal Waterway (ICW).