25th - 26th July 2013 - Port Clyde, Maine

Fri 26 Jul 2013 23:28

After a couple of days in Boothbay, we motored sailed the 21nm up to Port Clyde and knowing there were no suitable anchorages, we picked up a mooring ($35) in the main harbour, which we had to pay for in the Port Clyde General Store.  

Port Clyde is the southernmost settlement in central/coastal Maine.

In the 19th century, Port Clyde became a busy port featuring granite quarries, tide mills for sawing timber, and shipbuilding and fish canning businesses. By the 20th century, the area attracted artists and writers

Nimue at anchor in Port Clyde

A pretty town with traditional built houses

Port Clyde General Store.  This colourful old fashioned building is an experience to visit and sells almost everyone you need.

Michael standing outside the store

Typical scene of lobster pots hanging from the dock

Marshall Point – site of the Marshall Point Lighthouse– is Port Clyde's southernmost extremity. This lighthouse is the one to which Tom Hanks ran in the 1994 film Forrest Gump