Formentera - 25-31 July 2010

Sat 31 Jul 2010 11:54

We hadn’t managed to make Formentera in 2009, so we decided to spend a week ‘holidaying’ around its various anchorages.  Yes, we decided to have a mini-break before heading East again!  Formentera is only 10 miles long and 8 miles wide and lies at the most southernmost tip of Ibiza. It is underdeveloped compared with the rest of the Balearic Islands and has only one harbour.

After only being allowed to stay on the official buoy in Sabina bay for one night, we moved 500 metres nearer Sabina and dropped anchor.  The entrance into the harbour involved an interesting dinghy trip and negotiating a small buoyed channel to avoid a ‘rock/sand bar’.  I did notice one dinghy trying to do a short cut for which they paid the penalty and the crew had to get out and walk the dinghy to deeper water.  


Anchored in Sabina Bay                                                               Approaching the harbour


Buoyed channel over rock/sand bar                                            Inside the harbour

The following night was spent on a buoy in Espalmador bay, which was the furthest buoy from the beach and very ‘rolley’  Next couple of nights were spent in Cala Pujois, where the sea was totally clear and a good place for a swim and snorkel – PERFECT!



All 4 above pictures taken in Cala Pujois


Rounding the top of Espalmador and Freu Grande North Cardinal buoy

A really good sail back to Sabina bay where we had been able to book a buoy for one night, although we soon realised that other yachties seemed to be able to persuade the nice young official to allow them to stop for another, so we managed to succeed in doing the same!


Old French lifeboat joined us in the bay                                      I see no ships!!!!


Sabina Bay


A view of Nimue (centre)                                                               Merlin - our dinghy - parked on beach

As we had being using one of the local hotels (Hotel Sabina) to gain internet access and had spent many hours drinking the odd coffee or two, we decided to ‘splash out’ and have an evening meal there.  Michael was desperate for a good steak and ordered an‘Entrecote’ medium rare.  Well, it beat the ‘socks off’ anything he’d previously had in Sant Carles Marina and it was only a few Euros more.  This place is definitely one to remember.

At Hotel Sabina - coffee, internet and lovely evening meal!

I think I’ve mentioned before about the high prices of marinas in the Balearics and we know that Formentera was expensive, so curiosity got the better of me and I went in to the harbour office to ask “how much for one night”.  The man behind the desk couldn’t or wouldn’t speak English, so my Spanish came in useful again...  Anyway, after hearing ‘dos cientos’ something, I made him write the figure down.  I was correct; the figure was €253.73 + VAT + Water + Electricity, nearly €300 per night.  Yes, it’s absolutely ridiculous and no wonder the marina was empty, but we’ve heard the Spanish would rather keep prices high and have less people, than to reduce prices to encourage more!!!


Formentera habour - can't see many boats!!!

Formentera is a lovely island and very laid back and one which we will definitely return to again one day.

A trip to the local supermarket to stock up and an early start for our trip East, possibly first stop Cartagena – 143 nautical miles (nm).