Sail from Martinique to Roseau Dominica - 22 January 2011

Sat 22 Jan 2011 03:35
After a fairly leisurely departure from Fort de France, we made our way up the leeward coast of Martinique.  Beez Neez had left earlier so we only caught a glimpse of them now and again in the distance.  With light winds and calm waters we sailed fairly close inshore and were able to spot some of the places we had visited in the hire car; the view of Mont Pelee (1397m) was especially dramatic. 


Modern housing blocks just around from the Fort de France anchorage


The lush green landscape


Sailing up towards St Pierre and Mont Pelee shrouded in cloud
Once round the headland we were back into the big Atlantic swell and 20+ knots of wind.  So in went one reef in the main and the headsail was shortened accordingly.  The next 3 hours was fairly lively, but as usual Nimue just got stuck in.  We even overtook a catamaran, which should be quicker than a monohull yacht of the same size.    After safely reaching Scotts Head in southern Dominica, the now routine rainstorm descended, which fortunately only lasted a few minutes.  With the engine now on, we motored that last of the 48nm journey into Roseau, where Beez Neez had just picked up a buoy near the main town.   With no buoys available, we headed back into Roseau Bay where one of the boat boys helped us pick up a mooring buoy outside the Anchorage hotel.  He charged us US$ 10 + tip for the pleasure, but at least we were able to pick up free wi-fi from the hotel.  After a quick swim, Pepe and Bear picked us up and we headed ashore to check into Customs, located on the ferry dock.  Most of the duty free shops were shut, due to the recent departure of one of the many cruise liners that stop at Roseau.  A quick tour of the town, followed by a couple of sundowners at the upmarket Fort Young Hotel where we end up having a very interesting chat with 2 Americans who were forensic scientists working with local police forces all over the Caribbean!  All aboard Nimue where another Dizzyâs Dahl was hastily conjured up.   


Not too sure what Michael is thinking here!
The town of Roseau, Dominica