19th -21st Dec 2011- To Miami and Key West

Wed 21 Dec 2011 00:36
Exiting the Fort Lauderdale outlet was a bit ‘hairy’, as we were confronted with very rough seas and 20 knots of wind!  At one stage Nimue was literally thrown off one of the big rollers, but we soon got ourselves back on track and had a very lively, but quick sail down to Miami.  We had been advised by Sandy & Brian to head for the anchorage at Fisher Island, which although tight, provided good shelter.  No sooner had we dropped anchor, when Ken (friend of Sandy & Brian) arrived by dinghy to invite us all for dinner with his wife Heather on board his catamaran, Faring.  Of course we didn’t hesitate to say ‘yes’!
One of the super yachts moored in Las Olas Marina and the bridge opening for our departure for Miami
Michael, waiting to go through the bridge
Ft. Lauderdale is compared to Venice and you can see one of the many ‘streets’ where more super yachts are parked alongside
We had to wait another couple of days for a suitable weather window to head towards Key West, so took the long dinghy ride to see some sights on South Beach boulevard in Miami.  The first noticeable sight was the Spanish feel to the place.  In fact people say the population is made up of mostly Hispanics, including Cubans (if they manage to escape from Cuba)!  Nevertheless, a ‘fun & party’ feel.
The anchorage at Fisher Island and the glowing lights of Miami
Wandering around South Beach boulevard, Miami.  Christmas in the ‘sun’!
On the way back we stopped at a fabulous deli come’ supermarket and we managed to purchase some nice goodies for Christmas Day (Chris even managed to find some Brussels Sprouts)!  We didn’t manage to find the exquisite ginger cookies, that Faring offered us the night before, but that’s for another visit!