Passarelle / Ladder

Sun 12 Sep 2010 17:03

During our time at home this winter, Michael made a Passarelle as we have had one or two small problems with Anne getting on and off Nimue when on a Mediterranean mooring (bow or stern to a pontoon). Now we try and make sure everything on Nimue, where possible has multi uses and so this new addition was no exception. We have had many requests for more photos and an explanation of how it works. When fully fitted it makes a 2 meter long passarelle which can be reduced to 1 meter.


 2 meter lenghth from the stern.                                               Nimue in Ceuta stern moored, with her sun hat!

It can become a ladder with wooden feet to protect our deck, again in 1m or 2m lengths. When we need a fender board to hold Nimue off a rough surface e.g. harbour wall, it can hang down the side with fenders attached on either side for protection.


1 meter ladder with wood feet.         1 meter passerell or ladder in Qweensway Marina Gibralter.

Well thats it, and yes Anne still has problems but they are getting better.

Hope this meets with your approval Graham? (private joke)