Antigua - Day trip to St. Johns

Mon 7 Mar 2011 14:59
The half hour bus trip to St Johns, the capital was quite an experience and it was an opportunity to see part of the inner island.  Buses in these parts are large people type carriers, with enough room for about 12 people, they are really cheap and the driver usually plays loud music!  The only way you can identify if it is a bus, is by the number plate.  It quite simply displays BUS and a number.


Bus no 139


Bus no 52 – can’t imagine EU no’ plates displaying - Land of Sea and Sun


The bus terminal at St Johns
St John’s is full of local colour and is a mixture of new and rougher old buildings.  We by-passed the Museum of Antigua and Barbuda to find the St Johns Anglican Cathedral, which unfortunately was closed due to restoration work.   The appeal of this cathedral is that it’s exterior is a baroque-style stone structure (constructed after a devastating earthquake), but has an interior completely encased in pitch pine, creating a church-within-a-church effect that apparently feels something like the inside of an old sailing ship.    Anyway we were not to be disappointed with our next stop, lunch.  This time the Lonely Planet came up trumps with Roti King, which served the largest and best chicken Roti (flatbread wrapped around curried meat / potatoes) we’ve ever eaten.
  P1030998  P3080147
An unusual depiction of Sir Vere Cornwall Bird Sr. ‘ Father of the Nation Sr.  He is a national hero.


Being served at Roti King


Chicken roti – a large serving and very tasty it was too.
Another good day out and worth the trip.