Baja Bash - Anchored Bahia Santa Maria Lagoon

Mon 30 May 2016 20:10

24.46.27N 112.15.10W
Now we are on the Pacific ‘outside’, the weather is noticeably cooler than we were used and the thermometer started to drop from the customary 30+C to 25C and with the wind chill factor, it was no longer shorts and 'T’ shirt weather.   We couldn’t remember the last time we wore so many clothes; think it was coming down the US East coast over a year ago!

Although the seas were nothing like that of Cabo Falso, we still had 10-15 knots of W-WNW wind, but with short tacking we were able to pull out the staysail and motor sail quite nicely into a SW swell.  By the afternoon we were heading in a more NW direction, so the staysail came in.  Again we stayed in close and  just a few miles from the shore, as we had been correctly advised there would be a northerly countercurrent, which we made the most of. The disadvantage of being so close inshore was we had to be mindful of the set (as it would push us ashore) and the wave period was shorter and as a consequence a lot more ‘rolly’.  30nm out from Punta Tosca, we made a curve towards the cape and the sea state became more comfortable.
Having decided to miss Magdelena (aka Mag.) Bay, we followed Penelope & Liebling (sailed virtually all the way together from Cabo San Lucas) into the anchorage a Santa Maria.