29th May - 3rd July 2013 - Deltaville, back down to Norfolk and great sail to Boston!

Wed 3 Jul 2013 01:11
One of the reasons we headed back up to Deltaville was to have a full engine check.  Unfortunately, Zimmermans had not got us booked in for any work to be undertaken, as they thought we were returning to the UK?  Anyway, we managed to get Nimue hauled for a minor fibreglass repair and Michael managed to change the relatively new propeller seal back to the original stuffing box.
All fixed, we sailed back down to Norfolk, but unfortunately had forgotten, we had slightly left the forward hatch ajar and of course, we hit a rogue wave and salt water entered..........when will we learn? 
Having spent two days with Gary & Greta, we slipped from their dock around mid-day for a 3 day trip to Boston.   With a chance of thunderstorms always looming around this time of year, we left with a pretty decent forecast of around S-SW 15 kn. Unfortunately, within a few minutes of leaving, we heard a clunking noise and despite checking all the obvious places, the noise didn’t appear to want to go away.   After putting Nimue in reverse and forward and turning in circles, the noise slowly disappeared and we decided to keep going.  We both believe something had got caught around the propeller, which the rope cutter eventually cut off!
So our first big offshore trip for a while, which would take us past New York, outside of Long Island through the Cape Cod Canal and up to Boston.  As we headed out of the Chesapeake we sailed for the gap between the Chesapeake Bay bridge-tunnel-bridge (once the longest bridge-tunnel-bridge in the world).  Once through we went past Cape Charles light on the southern end of the Eastern Shore. Sailing well in 18 knots of S-SW and settling into ocean cruising again, we ate locally made crab cakes and rice for supper.  Not long after sunset, the seas became quite lumpy and our first night at sea was not the most comfortable!   The ‘false dawn’ appeared around 0430, which is always a pleasure to see and Nimue was now in the ‘groove’, so we had a lovely sail for most of the day.   As evening came, the winds built up and we were getting a constant 23 knots of wind, so we put in the first reef into the main, which was good timing, as we were then hit by several minor squalls!  Then came the rain, which in turn reduced the wind speed.   So after nearly 48 hours of sailing, we turned on the engine and motor sailed past Block Island and into Buzzards Bay.   It was  a particularly dark night as we made for the Cape Cod canal, which everyone advised is okay for transiting at night (agree – but not on the first occasion).  We were both tired and we knew as we approached and transited the canal, we had to concentrate on the buoyage and the current.  We entered the Canal at 0130 and completed the 14 mile transit in just under 2 hours.  Not the most pleasant experience, as we had never travelled the Canal in daylight, making our bearings and surroundings unfamiliar and more difficult to judge distances .  Anyway, once we were safely through, we had another lovely sail up to Boston Harbour.  Kenny, had managed to secure a mooring for us at his Yacht Club (South Shore Yacht Club) and after a further 2 hours of negotiating the harbour we arrived, with Kenny at the ready to hand us the mooring line!
Apart from the Cape Cod canal, we thoroughly enjoyed the sail up to Boston and covered 464 nm ‘door to door’ in just under 72 hours.