Half way across the Atlantic

Tue 14 Dec 2010 01:51

All is well on board yacht Nimue as we’ve sailed over 1600 nm.  After leaving Cape Verdes the seas became very confused and winds around F6 for a while.  It felt a bit like sailing back in the UK, especially when the rain showed up.   Conditions started to improve on Day 11 and by Day 12 we were sailing in the Trades, downwind with the headsail pole out. Winds are still fairly light, so don’t think we can manage 200 mile days, but hopefully the Trades will get stronger as we get nearer towards Barbados.

We caught a Wahoo today and the 50lb scales I bought were useless, as the fish weighed more, around 55lbs and was 1.5 metres long – photos later. Yacht Beez Neez would be very proud of the catch.  The fish fought for a while before it was cut up into steaks and put into the freezer.     

Tomorrow we’re having a just past half- way party and at midday we should have less than 1000nm to go.