Thu 9 May 2013 16:26
WOW, AWESOME, TERRIFIC .............all words to describe our wonderful 4 day experience in ‘Atlantis’ waterpark.  As stated earlier, Bill off Windward Passage had guest tickets for us all to experience the waterpark and for 3 days, we definitely made the most of it!
Atlantis Marina, where slips cost from anywhere between U$4-12 per foot!
The Dig is a series of aquariums located beneath the lobby of the Royal Towers and is the world's largest open air marine habitat. Hundreds of different aquatic species can be spotted in the Dig's various tanks such as angelfish, sharks, manta rays etc. The Dig is to provides an insight into the legendary destroyed city of Atlantis.
The Royal Towers architecture has magnificent murals encircling the colossal lobby dome
Dazzling decor and brilliant glassworks throughout Atlantis
One of the many magnificent pools
The Mayan Temple has 4 major slides, but the Leap of Faith is a near vertical plunge through a shark tank tunnel, exiting at lightening speed into a shallow pool!
We did this slide several times, which only took a few seconds!
The Current is a mile long, 3-million-US-gallon water ride complete with 4ft rolling waves and artificial tidal surges.   There are 2 conveyors which transport you up the river and onto the Power Tower slides.  You just simply sit on one of these inner tube rings and hold on!
The 120ft Power Tower includes The Abyss body slide, which drops 200ft in total darkness.  At the top you get into a tube (like an MRI scanner) and wait for the red light to go green.  Quite terrifying in the dark and you get ‘spat out’ and dropped into a cave pool at the bottom...definitely not for the faint hearted.
Overlooking Nassau harbour and in the grounds of the waterpark were some fabulous features including this flying fish water feature
All relaxing in one of the many restaurants in Atlantis