Arrived in Barbados

Thu 23 Dec 2010 23:45

Soon after writing the last blog, the wind decided to blow a little stronger for the next couple of days and we were starting to make good progress e.g. 160 nm per day when it dropped again.  This left a terrible cross swell causing Nimue to ‘’rock and roll’ and made life on board particularly difficult, especially galley duty.  So engine on again for a further 12 hours.  About 40 nm from Barbados with a 10/15 knot wind and little swell we were able to sail again and the loom of the lights of Barbados appeared.

As dawn approached, Nimue was breezing up the South coast of Barbados towards Bridgetown, where we had to check in.  Once all the formalities had been undertaken, we received clearance to anchor in Carlisle Bay, a couple a miles South of the port.

Nimue and crew had safely completed the two thousand eight hundred nm journey and it was time to enjoy the sea, sun and delights of Barbados.