All on our lonesome and problems looming!

Fri 20 Jan 2012 03:30
With David & Tamsin already departed for Panama via the Cayman Islands and Brian and Sandy for Grenada, we spent the last few days with Steve and Chris before they too left for Grenada.  Michael slipped their lines and within moments was complaining that he thought that he had a reoccurrence of his prolapsed disc.  Despite resting and giving it time, it wasn’t getting any better and although we tested the supposedly excellent Cuban Health Service, we were not particularly impressed and decided that it would be prudent to get back to the UK to get the problem fixed.  This meant that we needed to renew our 30 day VISA, which entailed us having to catch a bus into Havana and walk to several Government offices to purchase a new one!
We also managed to purchase tickets for the last 2 seats on the following day’s Virgin flight from Havana to Heathrow.  We hitched a ride with one of the marina lads to the airport at a fraction of the taxi cost and he was only able to drop us off in the parking lot.  We proceeded to walk the rest of the way and after further officialdom and locking doors we were on the flight home!