Crew calling

Sat 11 Dec 2010 14:11
After an avalanche of emails complaining of the lack of reports, it has fallen to the crew to sort things out -that's me Nigel. 
Many thanks to all that have emailed us, its been great to hear from you. Unfortunately communications are rather difficult here as the only way for us to receive emails and weather information is through the SSB [radio] which transmits data at 15O bts per min. so please keep any emails brief, or we get into trouble.
We finally left Tenerife on Wed. 1st December having waited for bad weather to pass through. The sail south following the African coast was fantastic with the w ind on the beam for 3 days solid. Unfortunately our luck was to run out and the wind died. Great weather for sunbathing but not sailing. we had two choices open to us, the first being just to make the best progress we could under sail, or the second was to motor on in the hope of reaching the wind somewhere near the Cape Verde Islands.
The following 3 days were spent motoring and we finally decided to call into Port Mindelle, Cape Verdes to refuel, as we only had 2/3 days worth left. It must have been the fastest call into port ever and no Ian, it was for fuel and not booze as you suggest. We  were in and gone inside one hour. The wind picked up almost immediately on leaving. Key facts and highlights so far:
  • We have done 1310 miles.
  • 500 miles since leaving Cape Verde islands on the seventh
  • have 1450 miles to go
  • Anne caught her first fish - a Dorado
  • seen lots of dolphins
  • seen 4 killer whales
  • 2 white egrets tried to land on the boat - Hedwig and his mate? in joke for Chris,Sally, Maddy .and Sally.
That's it for now folks, must dash to catch the post.